Bilisan mo daw gutom na siya. HAHA.

Bilisan mo daw gutom na siya. HAHA.

Dear diary,

Hindi na ko magrereapply sa publication namin. Pero hindi ko alam kung pano ko sasabihin sa EIC namin. Alam kong hindi naman ako big deal sa org na to pero hiyang hiya ako sa kanya. Ewan ko ba sa sarili ko kung bakit ko inooverthink to. Hindi ko na kasi talaga mabibigyan ng oras to. Last sem hindi ko na nagbigyan ng oras ito. Nag gamot kasi si Mommy at kailangan kong umuwi agad. Mag luto, mag asikaso sa bahay. Siya lang kasi naiiwan sa bahay. Bago ako pumasok sa publilcation namin, hindi ko alam na darating pala yung oras na iinom pa ulit ng gamot si mami para sa breast cancer niya. Edi sana hindi na ko pumasok in the first place diba. Hindi ako nakakatambay sa office. Hindi ako makatanggap ng maramnig trabaho. Kaya siguro nahihiya ako ngayon. Hindi nila alam sa office na ito yung dahilan kung bakit occupied na ko maliban sa acads. Siguro iniisip na nilang tamad ako or tumatakbo sa trabaho. 

Kinausap na ko ni Tatay at nakikiusap na wag na kong magdagdag ng responsibilidad which is yung sa org. Keep my scholarship, and take care of my mom. So I said yes. Pipiliin ko yung pamilya ko syempre. Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung pano ko sasabihin sa EIC namin ngayon. Alam kong sasabihin naman ni Ankri sa kanila pero iba pa rin pag ako yung nagsabi. Haaay. Kung pareho kong pipilitin iprioritize ko may isang maeecpic fail dito. At HINDI pwedeng maepic fail ang health ni Mami. Hindi.

Haaay. sana maintindihan niya.

The boy turned. Percy had another one of those weird flashes: like this was somebody he should know. The kid was almost as pale as Octavian, but with dark eyes and messy black hair. He didn’t look anything like Hazel. He wore a silver skull ring, a chain for a belt, and a black T-shirt with skull designs. At his side hung a pure-black sword.

For a microsecond when he saw Percy, the boy seemed shocked – panicked even, like he’d been caught in a searchlight.

"This is Percy Jackson," Hazel said. "He’s a good guy. Percy, this is my brother, the son of Pluto."

The boy regained his composure and held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you,” he said. “I’m Nico di Angelo.”

from Rick Riordan’s The Son of Neptune (via acanadianbibliophile)
Selfie night. Haha. Suri pu.

Selfie night. Haha. Suri pu.

'The Fault In Our Stars' New Scenes


i. Hey, it’s me. I am sorry for bothering you. But it’s midnight and I am just missing you so much. I have been reading our past conversations and I keep on wondering where the hell did we go wrong. Why can’t we just go back to where we used to be? God, I just miss you so much right now.

ii. Do you still think of me? Do you miss me sometimes? Do you hear a song and suddenly you were reminded of me? Do you look for my face in the crowd? Do you still write about me? Do you still love me? Did you ever love me?

iii. I hate you so much for doing this to me.

iv. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s all my fault on why we fell apart. Maybe my pride was too high and I was too immature and I am too messed up to be with someone like you. I am sorry. I am so sorry I can’t be enough for you to stay. I am so sorry for being me.

v. But it was all your fault. You told me you will stay didn’t you? You told me we can make it. But look at us now. Did you really mean those words or you just said them to make me feel better during those moments?

vi. My friends saw me with bloodshot eyes today and they kept on telling me on how much you don’t deserve my tears. And I told them, yeah, you don’t deserve my tears but I felt like I deserve the misery that I am getting from you.

vii. Please come back to me. Let’s just forget everything shall we? Let’s just start over again. Let’s just love each other right this time. Please, please, come back home.

viii. I am getting used in living my life without you again but it gets worse at night. It always gets worse at night. Do you feel the same way? If you do then you can just knock on my door any time okay? You know that we need each other.

ix. I love you so much it is killing me. Loving you is suicidal, I wonder why I’m still alive. But if you found out I’m gone, you should know that my last word would be your name.

x. I still write about you. I hope you still read them. I hope you still find my words lovely. I hope they would take you back to me. My god, let’s just continue writing our story please. I refuse that it was the end. We can’t be over yet, okay?

xi.I am still here, just so you know. I am still waiting and I don’t even know why. Am I still waiting for someone or all of this will be in vain?

xii. Just be okay. Please be okay. Tell me you’re okay. And I will try to be okay. I promise.

xiii. I tried to look at someone else today but I can’t. I felt I was betraying you the entire time. I am sorry. It’s still you my love. It will always be you.

xiv. Why are you doing this to me? Why can’t you just leave me completely?

xv. So I am kinda drunk tonight but my lips still tastes like your name. This fucking alcohol can not do its job. I can not forget you. Even just for a nigh, I just can’t.

xvi. Can you just tell me you miss me too and you’ll stay for real? Can you just come back and tell me that we are okay? That we will be okay? Why can’t it be so damn easy just like that?

xvii. I love you so much. No words, just that.

I’d leave these on your inbox but I’m not that brave. (N.A.)

I don’t want to continue reading this, but I can’t stop. I found myself in the words. These were all me when I trying to move on from you. Kudos to the writer. <3 






this is amazing!!! i got goosebumps

ugh look at their faces

look at them all connecting with the song

I love that. I really love that

tears, so much happy tearsss

I’d have sex with almost all of them



I just finished the Ignite me… I can’t breathe. HAHA.

And I can’t be more contented with its ending. Yes, it’s an open ending and there are still unanswered questions.

I really want to know:

what happened to Adam after that? Would he really be with Alia?

What does IGNITE tattoo really means to Warner?

Would Kenji have a girlfriend? (I volunteer!! HAHA)

What happens to Sector 45?

Whose the blondie with the power of sound waves?

But despite that, I can’t be more contented with the ending considering that it is a happy ending. haha. I could have died if anyone of them was killed. haha.

I admit that this has become my favorite trilogy so far. The twists and the revelations are amazing. Although I already had my hint that Warner and Adam are brothers and I almost thought that Juliette will end up with Kenji. HAHA.

These are my thoughts with the  characters:

Juliette Ferrars- She’s stupid, coward, fickle minded, selfish, overthinking and emotional girl. HAHA. Although Tahereh has shown how she grew mature in this trilogy. I’m glad she ended with Warner, really. I’m not really a team Adam from the beginning. (Sorry) She’s a bit annoying when she’s pushing Adam away and not welcoming Warner and crying and overthinking everything. And its great that Kenji got to tell her that she’s not the only one having those shits in the world because that’s really what’s on my mind. HAHA. Anyway, her power has been very cool. The part where

Aaron Warner Anderson- I love you. HAHA. I love it how he always tease Juliette from the start and how he is so madly in love with Juliette. And the way he always call her “love” is just.. ugh. :”> Aaron Warner was written and made perfectly. I seriously fell in love with his strong yet vulnerable character. I like it on how he ended up with Juliette.

Adam Kent Anderson- I love him too despite that he turned shitty in the end. Well, I do understand him because of what Juliette did to him. I admire his love for his brother, James.

Kenji Kishimoto- I sooo love this guy. Maybe more than Warner. HAHA :) He says what he thinks and I love that. Juliette is very lucky having him as bestfriend. (because I want him to be my boyfriend. hahaha.) Guys with sense of humor always capture my heart. Kenji being Asian and everything is just perfect for me. He is strong on how he managed the team when everything else fails. He is funny with all the cussing, teasing and being narcissist yet he has this soft spot. It struck me when he mourned for the people of omega point with Juliette :(

James Kent Anderson- Very adorable, tactless. I love his innocence and how he tries to cope up with things. I want to know what are his nightmares :( It so funny on how he always catch Warner off guard with all his curious questions. haha. I like the “why do you call Juilette love?” hahaha. I hope he never grows up.

Paris Anderson- You sick bastard! HAHA. Funny first name though. haha. I don’t understand where all his hatred came from. He never found happiness from both of his families. He makes children yet he beats them. Seriously what’s wrong with him? -_-

Castle- Castle is a cool guy. Very prim and proper. Manly. Yet he was roughly affected when Omega Point was struck and ruined. I like it how he calls Juliette Ms. Ferrars, in that way I don’t forget Juliette’s last name. :)))

Nevertheless, I love all these characters. They were far different from each other and well developed. Juliette, Adam and Warner grew so much in their battle. I just hope that Tahereh showed more moments of the brothers. haha. I hope these series turns into a movie. If they will really stick from the book this will be an amazing movie. Yes this is an another love story but it is very well written, Tahereh uses flowery words yet it can easily be understood. In that way, those flowery words help the readers to be more attached with the situation. And the way it was written, it’s like you have an access with Juliette’s deepest thoughts. I hope another novella comes out and retell the best scenes with Warner’s point of view. HAHA. I just love how he thinks. :”>

Here are some quotes from the boys. :)


Can someone give me an Adam, someone who won’t easily give up on me. And can someone also give me a Kenji too, someone who knows how to give up than to cheat on me.


And can someone give me a Warner too, please. Some who will always call me ‘love’.

Haay. I want to thank Tahereh Mafi for making this series. It’s almost a week after I finished reading this but I still can’t move on. <3

I will be going to national book store’s book signing event. I’m really looking forward on meeting her and I hope I could hug her together with her husband, Ransom Riggs. :D Their novels are simply amazing.